Hello Everyone!

I'm sure you've all been waiting for some information about the Michigan POHI/SXI Conference and what the plan might be. The Steering Committee met (virtually) Monday evening and has decided to postpone the virtual October Conference.  


As you all know, this year we have been challenged with what our roles look like for our districts. We have learned so many new tricks and tools to implement in this virtual learning world and we are using PPE and universal precautions to the fullest extent in our educational environments.  With that said, we know people are overwhelmed and trying to take care of their new required documentation and expectations.  We also understand that there are no substitutes for teachers and districts are just trying to stay afloat.  We cannot in good conscience, add one more item to the steering committees plate nor your own.  We hope you understand our decision and that you will keep an eye out for the MichiganPOHI/SXI Conference in 2021.


Thank you for your support and Good Luck with your year!

The Michigan POHI/SXI Conference Committee